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SC 485

Temporary Graduate Visa for Australian Graduates (485 visa)

Also known as the Post Study Work visa, a Temporary Graduate Visa allows international students to live and work in Australia temporarily, following completion of their studies. 

You will be granted a Temporary Graduate Visa (SC 485) upon the completion of a degree in an Australian institute or upon the attainment of skills and qualifications required for a specific occupation in Australia.  

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We assist you in choosing the best Temporary Graduate 485 Visa options

Depending on the nature and duration of the courses you have followed in Australia, we will advice you on the most eligible Temporary Graduate Visa stream and make the application

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We will help you make decision ready Post Study Work Visa applications, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of having full-time work rights. 

Step 01

Assess your eligibility

Based on your qualifications, you should first recognize under which stream you qualify to apply for a temporary graduate visa. In our initial discussion we will assess your circumstances and recommend you the most appropriate stream. 

Step 02

Obtain your course certificates

It is important that you have your course completion letter, transcripts and degree certificate at the time of applying for your visa. These documents are essential evidence to be submitted with your application. 

Step 03

Making your application 

After obtaining the necessary documents from you, we will submit your visa application along with the supporting evidence to provide you a positive outcome. 

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You might be eligible for a Temporary Graduate Visa. 

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Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) Streams

Temporary Graduate Visa Requirements 

It is essential that you meet the general eligibility criteria set by the Department in order to apply for this visa. While there are 04 streams of Temporary Graduate Visa, you will be required to meet the specific requirements under the stream which applies to you. 

The common requirement states that you should: 

  • be under 35 years of age 
  • have held a student visa in the last 06 months 
  • have completed a CRICOS registered qualification in the last 06 months 
  • possess adequate health insurance for the visa grant period  
  • apply only under one of the stream in which the visa is granted

Benefits of a Temporary Graduate Visa

It is always a good choice to apply for your temporary graduate visa after completing your education in Australia. A SC 485 visa will give you the opportunity to plan for your PR pathway.  

  • You can continue to live and work in Australia 
  • You can gather experience in your nominated occupation
  • As you may not be eligible for PR just after your studies, getting a SC 485 visa will help you gain work experience required for your PR pathway
  • You can look for an employer to sponsor you for PR 
  • You can complete your Professional Year while on your SC 485 visa. This will bring you extra points if you are considering Skilled Migration. 


  • In order to apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa (SC 485) you should meet the Australian Study requirement
  • This means that the course from which you are applying for the SC 485 visa should be a CRICOS registered course which had at least 02 academic years of  study. 
  • Out of the 02 years at least 16 months of study should have been completed in Australia. 
  • You can use more than one course to meet this requirement.

  • Under the new regulations, to make a SC 485 application under the Graduate work stream you no longer need to nominate an occupation in the skilled occupation list or have applied for a skill assessment with the relevant skill assessing authority. 
  • The only requirement is that you have completed a course which was at least 02 years in duration, within the last 06 months

  • The Department publishes the Visa Application Charges for each visa from time to time 
  • You can check the visa costs here
  • In addition to the Visa Application Charge you will have to bear the costs of completing your English language test (If required), obtaining an Australian Federal Police check certificate and completing your health examination.