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Australian Citizenship

Applying for Australian Citizenship

Applying for Australian citizenship is perhaps the most important milestone of your entire stay in Australia. The most common pathway for immigrants to obtain citizenship is through permanent residency.

You may also be eligible for Australian citizenship by descent or conferral depending on the immigration status of your parents and your age. 

At MJ Legal, we have helped immigrants from across the globe become Australian citizens!

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Making your citizenship application with us

Step 1

Arrange your documents 

A citizenship application requires a series of supporting documents.

Our document checklists will help you to gather the necessary documents and we will effectively guide you on how to prepare them accordingly.

Step 2

Submit your application 

After assessing your eligibility and obtaining all your required documents, we will submit a complete citizenship application. 

We will also follow up with the department for any further requests.

Step 3

Citizenship test

After the department has considered your application, you will be called for a citizenship test or interview.

At this stage, you will be asked to provide your original documents to prove your identity.

Step 4

Take your pledge 

After your citizenship test, you will be invited to a citizenship ceremony where you will take your pledge as an Australian citizen.

At this stage, you need to make sure that you understand your rights and obligations as an Australian.

Let an expert guide you on your pathway to Australian citizenship. 

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Talk to us today!

Pathways to Australian citizenship

Depending on your or your parents' immigration status, you will have several pathways to Australian citizenship. 

Australian Citizenship Test

  • All Applicants who apply for Australian citizenship will sit for a citizenship interview and test. 
  • The interview is conducted to assess your identity and confirm whether you are eligible for the citizenship test. 
  • The test will evaluate your understanding of Australia, including its culture, society, values and history. 
  • At the citizenship test, you should demonstrate that you have an understanding of your rights and obligations as an Australian citizen.
  • It is only upon passing your citizenship test that you will be eligible to proceed with your citizenship application. 
  • If you pass your citizenship test, you will then be invited to attend the citizenship ceremony. 

Australian citizenship cost and processing times

  • The cost of your citizenship application may differ according to the type of citizenship you're applying for. 
  • Generally, an application for citizenship may range from AUD300 - AUD500.
  • The processing times for Australian citizenship applications are published periodically by the department. 
  • The general processing times are as below:
    • Citizenship by Conferral: 16 months
    • Citizenship by Descent: 4 months 
  • The Department also publishes the time frames for citizenship ceremonies. 
  • Citizenship applications are evaluated on a case by case basis and submitting a complete application will help you to become a citizen without delay. 


  • A permanent resident can apply for Australian citizenship when they have lived in Australia continuously for 4 years, including at least 1 year as a permanent resident.

  • You are required to provide original identity documents and police certificates from countries in which you've previously lived. 

  • If your application is approved, you will be invited to take your pledge at a citizenship ceremony 
  • You should attend a ceremony and take your pledge within 12 months from your citizenship being approved.