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Parent Visa Australia

Parent visas provide a pathway for Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor their parents to live in Australia. Parents can apply for either temporary or permanent parent visas, based on factors such as age, number of children in Australia and your child's eligibility to sponsor your stay.

A permanent parent visa makes you eligible to apply for government social security services, such as Medicare and other benefits.

At MJ Legal, we provide complete parent visa packages that allow you to bring your parents to Australia through the pathway that's right for you. 

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Let's bring your parents to Australia!

Parent visas are an ideal opportunity for Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens to bring their parents to Australia permanently.

How do you apply for a parent visa with MJ Legal?

Step 1
Check that you are eligible

Each parent visa has different eligibility criteria. Looking at your circumstances, we will inform you of the eligibility requirements under each visa. 

Step 2
Gather your documents

Our document and application checklists will guide you on how to arrange your documents. You can easily provide us with your documents through our user-friendly client portal.

Step 3
Make your visa application

After the preliminary steps are taken, we will proceed to lodge your visa application. We assist you from your temporary parent visa, right though to obtaining Australian citizenship. 

We provide your parents the best pathway to Australian permanent residency!

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Types of Parent Visas

Parent Visa processing times and costs

All parent visas work on a system of 'capping and queueing', except for the SC 870 visa.

This means that the government will only grant a certain number of visas per year and when the limit for that specific year is reached, the rest of the visa applications will be passed to the next year.

The remaining visa applications will then be capped and placed in a queue. For the purpose of processing, they will be considered in order of the date of application.

Costs for most parent visas are paid in two installments. The first instalment is to be paid at the time the visa application is lodged. The Department will inform you when the second instalment is to be made.

Assurances of Support 

Providing an 'assurance of support' is a mandatory requirement for certain parent visa subclasses. An assurance of support shows that you will be provided for and financially supported during your stay by your sponsor and that you will not have to rely on the government for support at any time during your stay. Simply, it is a guarantee that the Sponsor will take care of the applicant and fund all their expenses.

An assurance of support is a legal agreement between the Sponsor and the government in which the Sponsor agrees to pay back any income support that the government may provide to the person who is being sponsored. This is usually provided through a bank guarantee or a term deposit.


For parent visa purposes, a child is an eligible child if they are: 

  • an Australian citizen;
  • an Australian permanent resident usually resident in Australia; or
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia.

  • The balance of family test requires that at least half of your children are eligible to sponsor you on a parent visa; and 
  • That you have more eligible children in Australia than in any other single country. 

  • Your parent visa application can include your spouse and children.
  • All Applicants who are included in your application must meet the health and character requirements.