Our firm’s ultimate goal is to help you manage a commercial litigation case with the target of securing the best possible outcome. 

We represent clients in commercial litigation cases in all courts and tribunals including the High Court, Federal Court, Administration Decisions Tribunal (ADT), State Supreme and District Courts.

Further, we also assist clients in disputes and litigation proceedings involving various governing bodies including the ASIC, the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and Australian Taxation office. 

Our strategy is to assist you in avoiding disputes by ensuring that you have sound risk management policies and procedures in place. 

In instances where disputes do arise, our legal team will offer advice and guidance to assist you to position yourself as favorably as possible. Further, we will thoroughly review the situation so that we can give counsel on the most optimal course of action most likely to give an advantageous result. 

In most cases, it is preferable to avoid commercial litigation altogether. In these instances, our legal team will help to expedite a satisfactory outcome that will not involve the need for litigation. As another option, we will review alternative forms of dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration. 

In occasions where litigation is unavoidable or where it is considered as the best solution for your case, we will devise a litigation strategy that draws on our extensive experience in commercial litigation. 

Our team will then manage all aspects of the case, while keeping you informed throughout and working towards an outcome that is as favorable as possible.

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