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Conveyancing & Property Law

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Residential Conveyancing

Conveyancing is the legal process of acquiring or disposing assets, in the Real estate or business chattel space. Our team is optimized to give you the fastest turnaround times for any contract you may be looking to sign.

All the members of our property team have many years of experience in Residential Conveyancing.

There are not many issues that we have not seen, so you have the benefit of an experienced and dedicated team acting for you at no additional cost.

Our residential conveyancing service is designed to be efficient, trouble-free and cost-effective. Our clients return to us because we deliver excellence at every turn.

​The real value of having an experienced team is that when unusual problems arise, we know the law and we have extensive case knowledge to advise you thoroughly. We move quickly and decisively to take control of issues – both to advise you of your options and to achieve the desired results.

​Our clients can rest easy knowing that their conveyancing transaction is in experienced hands. Whether you are a sophisticated investor or handling your first property purchase, we can help you with the right advice and prompt service.

​Our goal is to have you as a client for life.

Residential Sales

A critical component of the sale process is the preparation of the Contract of Sale and Vendor’s Statement (also known as a Section 32).

As a seller, there are legal obligations which must be strictly adhered to. When selling your property, we ensure that the paperwork is prepared correctly and we will fully inform you of your legal obligations. This means you can rely on your contract and prevent a buyer from rescinding (terminating) the contract.

We understand the desire to have your property listed on the market as soon as possible. We will prioritise the preparation of your paperwork and provide it to your Real Estate Agent as soon as possible to ensure your property is ready for sale.

If you are an individual who is looking to sell your family home, a property investor looking to sell one of your properties or a sophisticated developer looking to sell a property, we can assist you.

What does our Conveyancing Sale Service include?


Vendor’s Statement:


The Vendor’s Statement (or Section 32 Statement) discloses to your prospective purchaser matters such as rates, mortgages, covenants, easements and other information that the law requires you to disclose about the property. The vendor’s statement is a legal document and must be provided to a prospective purchaser before they sign the Contract of Sale. The vendor’s statement must be correct and complete. Any incorrect, false or insufficient information will allow a buyer to take legal action or withdraw from the Sale. This is why your Section 32 should be prepared by an experienced conveyancing lawyer.

Contract of Sale: 


The contract of sale will detail the requirements of the transaction. It will also provide information such as the property’s complete address, the names of the vendor and purchaser, the purchase price, and if there is an initial deposit.

The contract contains General Conditions of Sale and Special Conditions. Special Conditions are designed to protect you as a Seller. Our special conditions are drafted to protect you in the event of a purchaser default and seeks to limit your liability to a purchaser. We can also draft special conditions to suit your particular circumstances.



We ensure that the rates and other outgoings are adjusted correctly and provide you with a copy of the Statement of Adjustments and the Settlement Statement.

We also make sure that the sale proceeds are paid to your lender (where applicable) to discharge any mortgages and get the settlement proceeds paid to you. We will advise you once the property is settled and we can arrange banking of your funds into your nominated bank account if your bank cannot do this for you.

Auction or Private Sale 


We promise to prepare your Contract and Vendor’s statement:

  • In a professional and precise format which will be impressive to your prospective purchaser/s. We pride ourselves on immaculate contract presentation and 100% accuracy every time. This will avoid potential problems with your Sale.
  • In a timely manner. We always do our utmost to turn Contract preparation around quickly so that your agent has the Contracts on hand as soon as possible to get you offers fast. In urgent circumstances, we can produce compliant Contracts within as little as 24 hours.

Residential Purchases

The conveyancing process is simple in principle, but can be very complex in practice. We make it simple for you by providing clear jargon-free advice.

Whether you are a first home buyer, a sophisticated investor or a property developer, you will benefit from our real-world experience and property advice.

We are experienced conveyancing lawyers based in Melbourne and have dealt with many issues that arise in property conveyancing and can provide solutions that get you swift results for all Victorian and interstate property transactions.

​These are the steps involved in conveyancing:

  • We will provide you with pre-contractual advice where required.
  • We will fully inform you of your rights and obligations in plain language.
  • If your Contract is subject to finance, we will liaise with you in relation to the progress of your finance.
  • We will carry out the necessary property searches to determine if there are any irregularities.
  • We will liaise with your lender or broker to ensure they have all the necessary information and paperwork.
  • We will prepare all required legal documents to facilitate the transfer.
  • We will calculate and prepare your Statement of Adjustments and Settlement Statement, which will set out the distribution of settlement monies, rates, land tax and other items between you and the vendor.
  • We will arrange and attend settlement for you.

​There are many issues that can arise when buying a home or investment property and having the right representation makes all the difference and can quite often save you considerable amounts of money if something goes wrong or requires negotiation.

​Having experience and commercial understanding are key to a smooth conveyancing transaction and our lawyers have both. ​Our goal is to make the entire process seamless as possible for you. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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