Occupation Ceilings Comparison – 2019/2020 VS 2020/2021

The Occupation ceilings for the Skilled Migration Program for the 2020/2021 year have been allotted by the Department of Home Affairs on the 13th of August, 2020. According to the data released, there have been significant changes in some occupations with respect to the 2019/2020 occupations ceilings. This article will take you through the major changes that have taken place in the occupation’s quotas for the skilled migration program for the year 2020/2021.

At a glance, it is clear that the Australian government has reduced the quotas for some occupations including Sports Coaches, Accountants, Carpenters, and Motor Mechanics, while some occupations have got their quotas increased which includes Construction Managers, University Lecturers, Other Specialist Managers, and Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers.

According to the latest data issued by the Department of Home Affairs, twenty-two (22) occupation groups have got their occupations ceilings increased, including Construction Managers and University Lecturers. The Construction Managers Occupation group (ANSZCO group 1331) gotten its occupation ceilings increased to 7,145 from its ceiling value of 4,983 from last year, which is 43% (2,162) increase with respect to the last year’s ceilings value. Furthermore, occupation ceilings for University Lecturers and Tutors Occupations group (ANSZCO group 2421) increased to 5,042 from last year’s 3,407, which is a 48% (1,635) increase with relevance to the last year’s ceiling values. Additionally, occupation group – Other Specialist Managers (ANSZCO group – 1399) has got its ceiling values increased to 4,188 from last year’s 3,044, which is 38% (1,144) increase.

Upon reviewing the percentages of increment of occupation ceilings with respect to the ceiling values from 2019/2020, Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers Occupations group (ANSZCO – 2335) recorded the highest percentage increase, which is a staggering 68% increase, while Electronics Trade Workers Occupations group (ANSZCO group – 3423) and Special Education Teaches occupations group (ANSZCO group – 2415) have recorded an increment of 56% and 55% with respect to their respective ceilings values from 2019/2020.

Therefore, it can be assumed that the Australian Government will give more priority to the above-mentioned occupations groups over the other occupation groups in terms of Skilled Migration, in order to strengthen its economic and development strategies for the financial year 2020/2021.

While there are some occupations groups that have recorded increments in their occupation ceilings, there are twenty-seven (27) occupations that have recorded reductions in their occupations ceilings as well. Among those occupation groups, Sports coaches, Accountants, and Carpenters groups have recorded a significant reduction. The occupation group of Sports Coaches, Instructors, and Officials (ANSZCO group – 4523) has gotten its occupations ceilings reduced to 1,262 from last year’s 4,071 which is 69% (2,809) drop, with respect to the ceiling value from 2019/2020. Additionally, the Accountants Occupation group (ANSZCO group – 2211) has got its ceiling value dropped to 1,000 from last year’s 2,746 which is a 64% (1,746) reduction with relevant to 2019/2020 ceiling values. Furthermore, Carpenters and Joiners occupation group (ANSZCO group – 3312) has also got its ceiling value reduced to 6,812 from last year’s 8,536 which is 20% (1,724) decrease, in comparison with the 2019/2020 ceiling values.

Through studying the percentages of reduction of occupation ceiling with respect to the ceiling values from 2019/2020, it can be understood that Sports Coaches, Instructors, and Officials Occupation group (ANSZCO group – 4523) has recorded the highest reduction percentage of 69%. Further, the occupation group of Accountants (ANSZCO group – 2211) and Wall and Floor Tilers (ANSZCO group – 3334) have also recorded significant reductions in their occupation ceilings with percentages of 64% and 41% respectively, with relevance to the ceiling values from 2019/2020.

Hence, it can be presumed that the Australian Government shall give less priority for the above-mentioned occupations with respect to the Skilled Migration Program, in order to strengthen its strategies for the socio-economic development of Australia.

In conclusion, according to the latest data issued by the Department of Home Affairs with respect to the Occupation Ceiling Values for the Skilled Migration Program for the coming financial year 2020/2021, there has been a significant reduction in ceilings values in various occupation groups including Sports Coaches, Accountants, and Chefs while there has been a significant increase in ceiling values in various occupations groups including Construction Managers, University Lecturers, and Other Specialist Managers. Further, from the total ceiling value from all the occupations groups (201,309) of the 2019/2020, only 5% (9,599) invitations have been sent. Lastly, even though there are some significant reductions and increments in various different occupation ceilings, the total number of ceilings remains almost the same (2019/2020 – 201,309 and 2020/2021 – 199,808).

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