Changes to the Job Ready Program (JRP) by TRA

TRA has changed the method of submitting applications and supporting documents. With effect from 11th June, 2020, applicants shall no longer need to email their applications and supporting documents to TRA. Instead of emailing applications and supporting documents to TRA, applicants shall be required to upload their application and supporting documents through the TRA Online Portal.

TRA has changed the method it monitors a Job Ready Employment (JRE) participant’s work experience and skills development during the Steps 2 to 4 of the JRP. From 11th June, 2020, a Skills Progress Report (SPR) shall replace the Quarterly Progress Report (QPR).


Updated JRP application submission process


With effect from 11th June, 2020, applications for every step of the JRP are to be completed through the TRA Online Portal. Applicants should note that the supporting documentation required along with the application has to be uploaded in PDF format. An application can be only be submitted only if all the mandatory fields are completed, the required documentation is uploaded, and the application fee payment is accepted.


Updated process for providing documents to TRA


All supporting documentation which is required with the JRP application must be submitted through the TRA Online Portalfrom 11th June, 2020. Applicants shall no longer need to email any documents to TRA.


Supporting documentation such as Skills Progress Reports, Employment Verification Reports and pay evidence, etc. should be in PDF format and must be uploaded through the TRA Online Portal.


Supporting documentation which has been emailed prior to 11th June, 2020 shall be processed as per the previous method by the TRA and does not need to be resubmitted through the TRA Online Portal.


Skills Progress Reports (SPR)


A new form of assessing applicants’ employment has been introduced by the TRA, named Skills Progress Report (SPR), which shall replace the previous Quarterly Progress Report from 11th June, 2020. A SPR is a self-assessment record of the skills and activities you have undertaken in your workplace.


You shall be required to provide a SPR after 6 months from your JRE start date, or as required by the TRA, until you have achieved a successful Job Ready Workplace Assessment. TRA shall notify you via email, when your SPR is due.


Completed SPR and corresponding pay evidence must be uploaded through the TRA Online Portal in the PDF Format. Once your SPR and pay evidence are verified by the TRA, your work hours shall be updated in the Total Approved Hours on your Home Page in the TRA Online Portal.


Applicants should note that, even though the new changes are made from 11th June, 2020, to the JRP, the requirements for each step of the JRP shall remain the same.


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